Kannada Rajyotsava Nov 9th- 2019

Hello Friends,

Orlando Kannada Sangha cordially invites you with your family and friends to celebrate Rajyotsava and Deepavali. A fun-filled evening with cultural programs, socializing and great food.

When: November 9th @5 PM
Where: HCSF Temple AuditoriumWe encourage all OKS members to participate and make this event more memorable.

Charges for the event: 
Adults – (Members) $20
Adults – (Non-Members) $25
Kids – (Members/Non-Members) $10
Kids under 10FREE
Students $10

Snacks and tea/coffee will be served from 4.30 to 5 pm.
Sumptuous Dinner will be served at the end of cultural programs.

Cultural programs:
Please send programs entries to
CulturalCommittee@orlandokannadasangha.org . The cutoff date for sending registration is 10/4/2019.
Cultural program guidelines:

  1. All participants must be OKS members.
    1. If the participants are not members, they (and their chaperone) will pay the non-member entrance fee which includes dinner
      1. non-member adult fee: $25
      2. non-member child fee (more than 10 yrs): $10  
  2. We strongly prefer all cultural items to be in Kannada.  Exceptions can be made for Sanskrit for classical singing/dance. Medleys can include songs in other languages, but need to have at least 1-2 minutes of Kannada in it. 
  3. Limit item duration to 5 minutes with few exceptions as specified below.
    1. Number of Solo / 2-member dance items not to exceed two (2) entries.
    2. Number of solo vocal song items not to exceed to two (2) entries.
    3. Number of solo “other” items not to exceed two (2) entries. (such as instrumental or mimicry).
    4. Number of classical dance items not to exceed two (2) entries.
    5. Selection of entries is on FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE basis. We have a 1.5 hour program window.
    6. Dance items not to exceed 6 minutes.
    7. Dance Dramas, Dramas, Group singing not to exceed 15 minutes.
    8. We may request longer items be cut short in lieu of total programs received and the expected total time.
  4. All Group items need to have a minimum of 3 members.
  5. All participants need to pay the event fee irrespective of whether they stay for the entire program/ dinner, unless they are a Gold sponsor. Gold Sponsors get free participation entry for one group item. (Gold sponsor = donation of $250 to OKS)

Elections to the OKS Board for 2020:
Details about board member positions and elections will be posted soon. All those who are deemed, members of good standing for a year are eligible to contest. Please send self nominations to:
suddhi@orlandokannadasangha.org .
Election schedule for 2020 board:

  1. Submit nominations: 10/4
  2. Last day to Submit nominations: 10/25
    1. Need to check eligibility of candidates between 10/25 and 11/1 and inform those ineligible 
  3. Last date to withdraw nominations: 11/1
  4. Conduct elections, if needed: 11/9

Office Bearer positions & their responsibilities

President: Head of the organization, conducts meetings, signatory authority for checks

Vice-President: Assumes role of President during President’s absence, serve on committees, attend meetings

Secretary: Maintains meeting minutes, sends notices for board meetings, communication to community

Treasurer: Maintains the OKS bank account, issues checks, tracks expenses, presents OKS financial situation annually

General Board Members: Serve on committees, attend meetings, vote on expenses, event handling

Regards,OKS Team